Communal riots in 2016!

-M.Y.Siddiqui India witnessed 703 communal riots during the calendar year 2016 in which 86 persons lost their lives and 2321 people
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Changing face of Indian Railways

There is usually some romanticism and development associated with Indian Railways and every child particularly in rural India is filled
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Flagship schemes firing up aspiration among masses

A review of the flagship schemes of the NDA Government, as it completes three years in office, throws a crucial
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“Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas” – Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana (PMBJP)

        “The poor must have access to affordable medicines; the poor must not lose their lives because of lack of medicines
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India’s Green foot Prints hog International lime lights

If Anti-corruption drives, including demonetization of high currency notes, are the center piece of the Narendra Modi Government’s first three
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CRF, Centre pay all road costs; Highway toll is redundant; Why NHAI shares toll with operators?

India is almost ready to implement a unified indirect tax, GST. The businesses are likely to benefit but it needs
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The announcement of policy to cap the price of coronary stents by the central government is truly historic and path-breaking
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Healthcare has a new vision for all

India has made remarkable progress in healthcare; the nation is much healthier today. Several diseases including polio, smallpox and guinea
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Why humanity remember Gandhi

By Dr. D John Chelladurai

In the world of thorough compartmentalization dictated by industrialized division of labour in which humanity find itself having lost...